Monday 14 March 2016

Peppy School Days

I believe School days are the best ever-loving days in all of our life. If we just recollect our school days without our notice our heart will be filled with joy which cannot be described in words.

The best memories which helps me to refresh my mind and heart are those peppy fun loving moments in my school time.

I did my schooling till Std V in my place called Ambattur in Chennai. But in Std VI, I joined a new school which was located in Avadi(6km from Ambattur). I felt bad to move to a new school because of the fear in my heart about new environment, friends,teachers and also travel by bus.

On the very first day with all fear in my heart, I entered into the new school campus with prayers. We all were from different places.
When I prayed, I said, God " All I need is one good friend from ambattur, so that we can be together all time even while travelling".

God answered my prayers and gave me an ANGEL staying in the next street from my house.
Yes, she is my best friend till now and she will be my only best friend till my last breath.

My angel name is Miss.Ramya. Oops! now she is Mrs. Ramya Nandakumar, Blessed mother of two clever and cute boys. We became friends at the age of 11 and now we are 33 and our friendship is 22 years old with the same ramp and it keeps growing as we grow.

We always hold our hands together, when we walk to school. The people who are passing by that road will look us like mad girls because we will never care about anything around us other than our fun filled talk and peppy walk.

I can still remember our 10th science special class under the tree where we both started laughing for some reason( no idea why we started laughing) and we started laughing loud and when our science teacher asked why we were laughing we bursted into laughter and the whole class including our science teacher started laughing by seeing us. No words to say about that peppy day in our life.

Recollecting those happiest moments enlightens my heart and fills my eyes with tears.

I still remember the day we both left our lunch basket in the road and came back home. We always do many things together without our knowledge.

We won't waste our holidays and weekends. Like the school timetable we had our own playing timetable. We played many games like Shuttle, Kho-kho, Volley ball, Carom, Snake n ladder, Business, Pallaanguzhi, kallaanga(5 stones),Dhaayakattam, Bambaram, Paandi, Aadu-puli aattam, 7 stones, statue, cricket etc.

We were five in numbers Ramya, Revathy, Selvi, Dhana and myself. Also there were many children in our street, so we never felt bored in our holidays.

We used to climb the Guava tree in her house with chilli powder mixed with salt to taste the fresh guava fruits from tree. One day, when we were sitting on the Guava tree I can never forget our big fight. I seriously can't remember the reason for our fight but it was a terrible fight between us. We jumped from the tree fighting with each other and started holding our hairs and she was very angry so she took bunch of my hairs in her hand and I shouted in pain. I didn't speak with her and ran to my home because of severe pain. But on the same day once the pain vanished our fight and anger also vanished and we started playing and reading together.
I can proudly say that the fight, anger, ego or pain didn't disturb our friendship and our friendship retained the same beauty.

Though we dont meet often nowadays, whenever we meet and take our kids to park, we will start playing like kids and our kids will say " Our Moms started playing da, so they wont play with us.

Friend is the only person who can take you back to your childhood days and makes you feel young like a kid and fills your mind with joy.

Friendship is a beautiful relationship in this world. One can live without many things that he thinks as mandatory to live in this world but one cannot live a complete life without a best friend in life. A good friend not only add nice aroma and tasty essence to life but also creates and marks important values in our life.

Rammi is my True Best Friend.

She is a
F for Fantastic
R for Reliable
I for Intelligent
E for Enthusiastic
N for Nostalgic
D for Daring, person in my life.

Love you my sweet heart.
I am dedicating this post to you dear on your birthday for being my FRIEND.

Happy birthday sweetie......
God Bless.

Happy Blogging!
Meet you with another interesting post!

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