Thursday 12 May 2016

Infant Parenting

Tips for Infant Parenting

In this blog post I would like to share about few simple but very important basic things that a MOM should know before getting her little one in her hand. It is very important to handle the baby with all care in the first few days.

Once you deliver your baby ensure that your baby cries normally which plays a major role for a healthy start of life.

After getting your precious baby in your hand, slowly and softly check your baby thoroughly. If you find anything unusual immediately report to the doctor without any delay.

Make sure that you have cut your nails before getting admitted in the hospital to feel comfortable and safe while handling your baby. Also keep a baby nail cutter in your delivery kit so that you can use it if your little one has nails by birth. I faced this issue with Dany, because he had nails and the very second day he scratched his face with his nails. So it's good to keep a baby nail cutter in your delivery kit.

Use soft cotton clothes and towels for your little one. Also wipe your baby lips with warm water using soft cotton cloth after every feed to avoid blackening of your baby lips.

Keep your baby as much warm as possible by covering your baby with soft clothes properly and also using baby bed. Its good and safe to give your baby with the baby bed to your beloved friends and relatives who comes to visit you. This practice will help you to avoid mishandling of your baby that arises due to lack of experience in handling babies. Moreover your baby will not feel the body pain caused by different way of handling by people on the same day.

Always use hand sanitizer before handling your little one and also give hand sanitizer to your friends and relatives who comes to see the baby.

While putting diapers ensure that the umbilical cord is not covered or tightened by the diaper. The umbilical cord will fall within 5 to 9 days from birth. It fell down on 5th day for Dany and on 8th day for Tina.

The first bowel motion passed by a new born is a sticky greenish black motion called as meconium. The first motion will be passed by the newborn on the same day(mostly within 8 hours) and it will be completely passed within first few days and slowly the colour changes into yellow indicating the digested milk.
My little ones (Dany and Tina) passed the first motion within 5 to 6 hours from birth.

The most important struggle comes when we teach the infant for breast feed. Mostly the infant will find very tough to catch the nipple in the initial days. Keep your baby on your arm and teach your baby to put the full nipple in mouth to get a good latch. Once your baby gets a good latch then both of you will feel comfortable while breastfeed.

Many of us will get neck pain and back pain while feeding the baby. To get rid of that pain always use pillow under your lap(to increase the height) so that you can feed ur baby by sitting comfortably without bending down. In the initial days I was not aware of this method so whenever I fed my baby (Dany) I had severe neck pain and back pain. Later my Grandma gave this advice and it worked out in a perfect way.

The most important thing is Always sit and feed your baby, never feed the little one by lying down or sleeping. Feed your baby every 2 hours and every time you feed, feed your baby for at least 20 minutes( each side 10 mins).

Never give up by saying that there is no milk secretion. The fact is for the first 48 hours there will not be any lactation, more your baby sucks more will be the lactation. Frequent feeding is very important for good lactation.

After feeding, put the baby in your shoulders and tap your baby gently till three burps and then put your baby down. This is very important for proper digestion of milk for your infant.

Only breast feed for 6 months and go ahead with your doctor's advice about giving water for the infant.

Give bath to your baby according to doctors advice. While bathing make sure that your baby doesn't drink water. While head bath ensure that you are not putting the baby upside down because chances are high for the baby to drink water. Always keep baby facing you and wash off the hair gently.

At birth, many areas of the newborn's skull have not yet been converted to bone. This is the reason for the soft spots (known as fontanels) in the newborns skull. Later these bones will fuse together in a natural way. A protein called noggin is the reason for the delay in the fusion of an infant's skull. Make sure that you are not pressing that areas in your newborns skull and also be alert, while another child is playing with your baby and touching his head.

These are the few basic things that I learnt while parenting an infant.

I hope this post will be useful for new Moms and if you find it useful and if you want to ask about few more topics about parenting please post your feedback,suggestions and valuable comments.

Meet you with another interesting post.
Happy Parenting.
Happy Blogging.

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