Sunday 7 February 2016

Parenting, an Art!

Parenting is an interesting, exciting, thrilling, scary, fun loving Peppy experience in life.

Bringing up the little ones is the sweetest and toughest part of life.

Being mother of two, I would love to share few words about parenting in this blog space with other beloved moms going through this fantastico part in life.

Parenting is a fantastico experience for every woman. Its the time where a woman realizes her MOM's love and sacrifices in bringing her up in life.

Every woman will carry the beautiful impact created by her mom in her heart. To say the truth, every woman will act as a replica of her mom during parenting because of the motherly impact that she uttered from her mom during her childhood days.

Childhood days are the peppy fun filled colorful days of life. If a child is handled in a right way with proper understanding, utmost care and love in these peppy days then the child will create a great impact in this world in his own way and no doubt about his victorious life.

Being a mother, it is very important to leave a positive impact in each of our child heart.

Every child is unique therefore parenting for every child should also be unique.

Imagine if our mom has treated all the children in the same way without understanding every child unique attitude and character then you and I won't be a successful person in our life. We would have missed or lost something valuable in our life which would have left a bitter taste in the essence of our life.

Remember! A mom should know to play the right rhythm of music at the right time in their children life to make them enjoy every moment of their life with joy.

I thank the almighty with grateful heart for blessing me with the best mother in this whole universe who alone can understand me in a right manner in all situations with her immense love and care.

I believe, I am also playing a good role like my mom in my children life with utmost sincerity, responsibility and love.


Parenting is a Fantastico ride
which marks a beautiful Impact in our heart
along with a lovable Music tuned by our little ones
which helps us to go through a peppy experience with fun, love, joy and sacrifice
in the Navigation of our life.

To give it to you in a Nutshell, Parenting is like a ride with Tata Zica which takes you to the Fantastico experience with delightful Music and fun filled Peppy moments by creating wonderful Impact in the Navigation of your life's ride.

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Happy Riding!
Happy blogging!

Meet you with an another interesting post.

Priya Arun

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  1. So well said akka :)
    Every child needs to be treated differently in accordance with his/her nature. And indeed, Amma is a wonderful person :)