Monday 16 March 2015

What more the WORLD is expecting from a WOMAN????

A woman faces many changes and challenges in every phase of her life.
I feel her life from marriage phase plays a very important role as it changes her life upside down

For the very first time she gets departed from her parents in no time.
She leaves her sweet home,brothers,sisters, that was her everything till that time in her life.
She sets up her mind to accept new unknown relations as her own family.
She understands, adjust and live with a person who is going to be her soul mate forever.
She changes her identity by changing her name.
She acts more responsible in every single thing to start a successful life.
She builds good relation with the new family members whether they understand her or not.
She brings good name for her parents, specially for her mom by her good conduct and behavior in the new family.
When she gets pregnant she goes through complete physical change in her body.
She gives up her entire strength to give birth to a child.
She sacrifices her sleep, time, needs, desires and so many to bring up her child.
She lives her life for the sake of her family.
She plans more cautiously for the goodness of her family.
At the time of sickness, she finishes her duties before taking a nap.
Though she is unhappy and her heart is filled with depression she smiles to keep everyone around her happy.
She plays a perfect mediator role between her children and life partner.
She encourages her family members in all aspects though she didn't get one from them.
She buries her own dreams and accepts the dreams of her hubby and children as her own dreams and helps them to fulfill their dreams.
She plays an important and interesting role in bringing up her grandchildren.
When she become old, she takes care of her parents, serves her husband and also understands, adjust with her matured independent children to stay supportive for them till her last breath.

Women's life from WOMB to TOMB is a challenge with sacrifice but still they are under-estimated and being treated and hunted like animals in many circumstances by this poor crucial world.

" What more the world is expecting from a woman???"

As a woman we should pledge to respect and value another woman in our life, should also teaches the same to others and especially to our children. Because if a woman fails to respect and value a woman how can we expect the world to do so???

Every woman is a living legend so let's make the world to understand the value of a woman.

Wish you all Happy women's week.

Coming soon with another interesting post.

Happy blogging!


  1. Really, women does not live her dream, she live for her husband, parents, and children’s dream. If she turn back to see her life the major role is taken by others. You are right; being a woman, we should respect each other. Thank you!


    1. Yes dear. Thank you for your kind support.

  2. This is quite awakening!
    A powerful piece of writing. A woman play all the roles and man takes away her goodness galore without valuing her.

    1. Yes simran, Without a woman man's life is incomplete.
      World is yet to understand........