Monday 9 March 2015

Little Angel's Music Projector - Product Review

Tina is now 13 months old and we are having a tough time to make her sleep. Every night when we come to bed after wrapping up the day’s work, filled with tiredness, my little girl will start playing with her brother, my elder son. They are the perfect partners of crime and they will not allow anyone of us to sleep until early morning. We had many sleepless nights like that, but my hubby and I enjoyed it a lot.

Till last month, the best way to make her feel sleepy is by feeding her with a warm hug. Once her tummy is full, I will be singing sweet melodies lullabies that she loves to listen. Those lullabies helps her to enter into sleep mode and finally to sleep.

Now she expects more to feel sleepy, she started watching things in the bedroom and trying to speak to them and sometimes she even sings her own lullabies to them so i understood that she loves to watch something with music to enter into sleep. When I searched for such a product, I found the LITTLE ANGEL'S MUSIC PROJECTOR that met my expectation.

Little Angel Music Projector

This product helps my little girl to get into her own world with dolls and music. As she enjoys watching the dolls moving round and round projected in the ceiling and mosquito net with sweet melodious lullabies, without her knowledge she closes her eyes once she feel sleepy. The lullabies helps her to enter into deep sleep.

The feature that I would like to appreciate in this product is that it has a separate switch for projection and music. Once your baby starts sleeping, you can turn off the projection and keep the music alone played to give a continuous peaceful atmosphere for your baby to sleep. This option also helps to save battery.

Another good feature is along with the on/off button there is a volume switch to set low/high volume, which is really a good option to set the music according to the need.

Tina is enjoying this product and moreover it met the need I bought with full satisfaction. Surprisingly, Dany is also sleeping early after we got this product, as he enjoys watching the dolls with lullabies along with Tina.

This LITTLE ANGEL'S MUSIC PROJECTOR helps my kids to sleep well by giving a very good sleeping atmosphere. It is available in different dimensions and price vary according to the dimensions. I ordered through Amazon and I received the product within 5 days.

Little Angel Music ProjectorLittle Angel Music Projector

The only disadvantage is that the projector light consumes more power so we need to keep changing the battery very soon if we use the projector for a long time. I am using rechargeable battery for best use, and I usually charge during the daytime to use the product at night.

My verdict: Tina and Dany love this product so much. I would give it a four-star rating. If you are having a baby and facing difficulties in making your little one to sleep, get one and feel the difference.


  1. Motherhood is a life of sacrifice, love and rewards.

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  3. Good post. There are many ways to make a baby sleep. I think this is one of it. I should learn a lot from you for the future. Thank you for this post.


    1. Yes its a different art. Sure will discuss about it.

  4. A very well written review. :)