Monday 2 March 2015

Sweet Little Angel

Hi There! Welcome to The Mom’s World!

Christina - My sweet little girl was very eager to see the world on a special day in our family. Jan 18th 2014 was my elder brother's 1st wedding anniversary and that was the day God blessed our family with cute little angel with a very fast move from me to this world.

Though it’s my second experience it was totally a different one, doctor said that your baby's move is very fast and you will deliver soon. The same way I delivered her within 2 hours from the time of labor pain. The moment Tina came to this world doctor congratulated me saying, “You are blessed with a girl baby. Her first cry moved my heart and I somehow lifted my face to see her... I saw an Angel for the first time in my life. She was so pretty pinkish girl with rose petal lips and long eyelashes. Wow! I felt proud of myself to say that I am this cute charming girl's MOM. I praised God for giving me a perfect holy child. Again, a magical miracle in my life... yes all my pain turned into joy in fraction of seconds with a new eternal promotion as MOM OF TWO.

Christina is now 13 months old and she is very brave, little naughty, more charming, super active, fast learning, and fun loving, more than all very affectionate and lovable child. She got bored with sitting and crawling for months, so started stepping last week, and now almost walks like jogging now. It is very funny to see her walk, but she is very careful, as she hate the pain she gets when she falls down. She has got 5 teeth and started biting food before she chews. Her Dad trained her to point out parts of the body and now she is doing it perfectly. She started saying few words like amma, appa, anna, akka, thatha, athai, bye, etc., If she feels hungry she will call me keeping finger in her mouth and say mammu with her sweet voice.

She loves watching ads in TV, no matter what happens around her, even if we call her she will not respond. Once the ad gets over, she will again continue playing. Though there are many things around her, she will see the one in Dany's hand as the special one. First, she will ask Dany to give then she will shout and then she will call me to get that one for her.

Her favourite food is dal sambar rice with ghee. Her favourite snacks are cheese lings and onion rings. She loves to eat apple and banana with her sharp little teeth. Her most favourite toy is talking tom. She will act like a teacher to TOM and TOM CAT is her perfect follower.

She loves music to the core so she starts dancing when she hear any music around her. If she likes the food that we keep in her mouth, she will nod her head cutely to say that she likes it. Much more to say but let me stop here. Will come back with another interesting post. Till then take care, happy blogging.


  1. One happy and blessed family. God bless.

  2. Thank you for your blessing.
    Happy blogging.

    With Luv,
    Priya Arun

  3. Tina is a cute sweet girl. Stay blessed little angel!

    Someone is Special

  4. Tna is a doll, I love the way she smiles and attracts me. Motta papa, missing you a lot from this far, but happy to know about you reading this post. <3 <3


    1. Thank you Sarav and Vidhya for your love.