Friday 20 March 2015

My "Look Up" Moment

Today, I would like to share an incident that happened when I was studying 10th standard.

The year was 1998. It was a Sunday evening, when my Periappa (uncle) came to our home. He saw me studying sitting in the steps close to our corridor. He smiled at me and asked have you prepared for your 10th Standard Public Exams. I said, "Yes, and I am preparing my best". He nodded his head and immediately said my son also said that he prepared and wrote well but he didn't get higher marks. Let’s wait and see your results. He said those words and went inside my home to speak with my dad. Though he left the place, his words started pricking my heart and gave an unexplained fear in my heart about my exams.

When he was speaking to my dad, he said, "Stop her studies and look for alliance and get her married soon. There is no need for a girl to study more than 12th STD. If you allow her to attend college, it will be tough to get a groom in our relations." Though my dad was not having such idea, his brother’s advice disturbed him. My mom too got disturbed. That day I was completely depressed and was not able to concentrate on my studies and I didn't prepare for the next day TAMIL class test in my school.

The whole world turned dark when I thought about my future.

I did not do well in the test and I scored very low marks. She called me alone and asked for the reason and I narrated her all that happened.

She said, "Priya, you are a brilliant student, if you work hard I am sure that you will become a state rank holder. Concentrate on your subjects and stay focussed to achieve state rank. If you do so, no one can set a limit for your studies. You will be a role model for other girls among your relatives. Aim higher and stay focussed only on studies. You will be a blessing for your family."

Those optimistic words said by my beloved teacher, encouraged me and boosted my confidence and I was able to see my life in a different dimension. Though I had only 50 days left for my exams, still I started working hard, and I managed to prepare well. I wrote all my exams well and I prayed the Almighty to bless me happiness.

The most happiest unforgettable day was born in my life on the day of my 10th Standard Public Exams Result.

My father checked my number in the newspaper and said that I have passed the exam. That's all I know till the evening because there was no telephone at that time in our home. My father while coming from office went to my school to see the total marks posted for all students in the school board and he was surprised to see my name posted as school first with 481/500 and stating that I scored 3rd in district level and scored among top 10 state rank holders. I hope that his heart would have jumped with happiness at that moment. I feel that was the greatest pleasure I have given to my mom. Before my father came to home, my juniors were shouting in the street saying that I have scored 481/500 and I secured school first and district third place. My heart was filled with happiness and I thanked the Almighty and my teacher.

My teacher's optimistic words changed my life and I received prize in my dad's office from his director for scoring 1st among their employees children and my dad said to everyone that my daughter scored school first and I am going to make her study whatever she likes to study. After that, I completed my 12th Standard and I was the first girl among our relatives to step into college that too for an engineering college. I completed my engineering and worked with HCL for 5 years and now I am playing a very important role in my family, as a mother of two.

I can't express my heartiest thanks in words to my teacher because it was her words which filled me with optimism to achieve the best in my life. As she rightly said now all my relatives are showing me as a role model for their children to study well and also allowing their daughters for higher studies.

I don't know where is my teacher now but my heartiest thanks and prayers are always for her.

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  1. Thank you for sharing something from your school days. The role of a teacher is so important and it takes a caring teaching to make a great lasting impact on a student's life to the point of turning it around for the positive. So important to have a caring heart and a kind word to encourage someone in our life.

    1. Yes, that's true. Thank you for your continuous support and encouraging comments.

  2. Wow! I'm proud of you, Akka :)
    You've set a wonderful example of ''nothing is impossible if one really aspire to do it.''

    My best wishes :)