Sunday 22 March 2015

The Mother's Happiness

Happiness is anything that brings a smile in your face and peace in your heart. Each and every moment I am spending with my little ones, are my happiest moments!

Watching our child grow in front of our eyes is the joyous moments of motherhood. The first happiness of my motherhood is the confirmation of my pregnancy. There is no words to explain my happiness at that moment. I felt as if I got wings like a bird to fly high in the sky. Nothing can match that happiness in my life. In fact, no words can equal/express my happiness.

Have you ever experienced a joyful moment that filled your heart completely with the peak of happiness?

I experienced the peak of happiness in my life when my child was kicking me in my womb. When my little one was kicking me in my womb, I felt thousands of butterflies occupying my stomach. I called my hubby immediately to come fast and keep his hand in my stomach to enjoy the kicks from his little one. To my surprise, my baby did not react for a while. He said I did not feel anything. I slowly told my child it’s your dad my dear child, so show your power to him. Wow! What a pleasant surprise it was, he gave a nice hit and my hubby was shocked to get one for the first time in his lifetime. We hugged each other for the blessed joyful moment and our eyes were filled with happy tears.

The most beautiful and happiest moment for every mom is the time when we breastfeed our baby. It is the time that I feel relaxed with my baby and also it’s the time of building a firm relation with my baby. Many a times, I have lost myself in my child's eyes when my little one looks at me with a cute smile while feeding. It’s the best happiest moment that creates an intimate relation with my child.

Many small small moments brought a big smile in my face at the time of motherhood. My child's first cry moved my heart, his first smile while identifying my face as his mom gave me an immense pleasure, his first activity of turning upside down filled me with joy, his innovative time of learning to sit, crawl, stand, walk, and talk, are the collection of happiest minutes that made the happy hours of my motherhood.

Nothing can match the joy of motherhood filled with love, happiness and peacefulness. I am lucky to mother two wonderful kids in this world, Dany and Tina, they make me feel happy and smile 24 x 7, and feel proud. Enjoy motherhood and feel the joy in life.

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Coming soon with another interesting post. Till then take care. Happy blogging!


  1. Hi Priya, thank you for this beautiful post that refresh those beautiful priceless moments of my own motherhood experiences.

    1. Dear Nancy Chan,

      Thank you so much. I am on Cloud Nine. Accidentally, the comment got removed when my little one pulled the phone out of my hand. So I pasted it using Name/URL option. Hope you are fine with it. :)

      Priya Arun

  2. This is a wonderful post. You have showed the completeness of a woman's happiness, love it.