Thursday 26 March 2015

Together we can make life more meaningful

Together is always good because I believe.

"Being alone we can do simple things.
Being together we can do great things."

I love the simple quotes said by Mother Teresa.

"You can do what I cannot do.
I can do what you cannot do.
Together we can do great things." - Mother Teresa.

As rightly said, each one of us vary in our abilities and capabilities. If two persons join together to do a work, it's not just the persons united but also their ideas, talents, abilities, capabilities, hard work and efforts, all are joined together that helps to perform in a better way. Each one will be a master in a unique task. If we work together, its our master mind's working together to complete a task and come out with flying colors.

Though a person have many relationship like mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, son, daughter, cousin, uncle, aunt, friend, relative, colleague, neighbor and so on..., I believe its a Soul mate who makes a person's life complete.

A Soul mate is a person who travels the same path like you with similar thoughts, wishes, desires and goals.
A soul mate is a person who makes you feel comfortable.
A soul mate can be any relation.
But a PERFECT SOUL MATE will turn into a LIFE PARTNER.

If your life partner becomes your perfect soul mate that's the greatest blessing in your life.
I thank the almighty for such a blessing in my life.

Mother is a beautiful relation gifted by God to a Baby, the same way Marriage is a beautiful relation created by God for a human to make himself complete.

I joined my hands with ARUN a God chosen soul mate on April 6th 2009.
ARUN is a sweet, lovable, kindhearted person.

Any relationship is not easy going, there should be equal efforts from both the sides for leading a peaceful life.

The SECRET of success in our marriage life is LOVE and FORGIVENESS.
We have set LOVE as a Center of everything in our life.

Before getting married, I had a longing thirst for social work and spiritualism. Being a girl, it was an unreached fruit in my life.

To my surprise, Arun had similar thoughts, wishes, desires and goals, which filled my heart with an unexplained happiness and gave me a new strength and hope in my life.

Together we are growing and learning spiritual things in our day-to-day life. Together we are going for social work like counselling. More than all we decided to do our best for those who are really left out in this world. We named our heart desires for those who are left alone as “FEED THE NEED” and we are supporting few to our best.

To say the truth without Arun all my wishes would have been a dream.
TOGETHER we are making our wishes come true. It’s a beginning…

Togetherness is happiness.
Together we can shake the world.
Together we can make the happiest moments.
Together with oneness in spirit, we can understand better.
Together we can break the rocks in our way.
Together we can correct our mistakes and shine better.
Together we can make the world to look at us.
Together we can celebrate our values.
Together we can bring a great success in our life.
Together we can make life more meaningful.

Meet the new housing a reason to Stay Together. Coming soon with another interesting post. Till then Happy Blogging.

Priya Arun


  1. God's order is for husband and wife to complement each other. Have a wonderful day.