Friday 10 July 2015

Karumbu thinna kooliya - Dabur honey sapidu jollya

"Karumbu thinna kooliya",
"Dabur Honey sappidu jollya".

Honey is the most sweetest word to address the beloved person and
Honey is the most sweetest sweet to give to our beloved person.
I love honey both as a word and as a sweet.

Honey is the best alternative for sugar.
I don't know how many of you adding Honey regularly in your kids recipe. I always use honey instead of sugar for my kids to stay healthy.

Initially, I had tough time with Dany to feed the health mix. Health mix is a readily available powder mix in shops or you can make it yourself at home. But I love to make it myself for my little ones so that I customize it according to my little ones need.
Whenever I prepared health mix Dany refused to eat it. Later my Grandma told me to add honey instead of sugar or salt. Immediately I went to super market and bought Dabur Honey which stands the best.

I prepared the health mix with honey and named it as HONEY MIX and gave to Dany. I was eagerly waiting for his response.

It was a Magic! Yes! really it was a Magic!.Dany smiled and said enthusiastically : Mummy, its so tasty and I love to eat it.

He finished the usual amount of mix I gave to him and asked again for the second time.
Honey gave a MAGICAL TOUCH to the health mix and added it to Dany's favourite dish recipes list.

I followed the same to Tina and my little girl also loved it.
So whenever I say to my kids that I am making honey mix they both will be eagerly waiting with a bowl and a spoon and Dany will keep singing "Yummy for my Tummy is coming from Mummy".. There is no words to express my happiness when he sings happily.

Instead of sugar use honey for this health mix and I am sure your kids will also love it.

Cornflakes and Chocos will taste so good with honey. While preparing cornflakes with milk add honey to make it more delicious.

Also if your kids are getting bored with chutney and sambar, you can also give Honey with ldly, Dosa, Roti as simple as that to make your kids eat fast.

Spread honey in dosa/roti and make it as a roll and give to them. You will wonder seeing your kids finishing the roll fast while playing with their toys and asking for one more.

Honey with milk is also a good option for your babies to gain good weight. If your baby is a thin baby then by adding honey in his/ her dishes will help your baby to become chubby.

There are many Honey Diet Recipesavailable but I would like to share two of them which really worked out for me in reducing weight.

Ginger juice extract with honey:

Take 2 table spoon of filtered Ginger juice and mix equal amount of honey( 2 table spoon ) and drink it. It will taste like a Choclate called Ginger candy ( Inji marappa in Tamil).Take twice in a day for a month. You will see a very good difference in your weight. I lost 2 kg in 20 days which is a miracle for me and my sister lost 3 kg within 25 days and she jumped out of happiness by such a simple diet measure.

Warm lemon water with honey:

I generally use half a fresh lemon juice with Dabur honey in a coffee mug with freshly boiled and cooled warm water in empty stomach.

Do this regularly at least for a month and see the difference. It will help you to reduce your weight.You have to be regular in following any diet plan at least for 6 months to see good result.

Moreover Warm lemon honey water act as a good medicine for those who are reporting frequent cold, flu problems. If you are a person with continuous sneezing problem in the morning, then you can try this to get rid of the trouble caused by sneezing.

This warm honey lemon water also keeps you away from any Gastro diseases.

Likewise there are many good things with Honey.
Take Dabur Honey, feel tasty and be healthy.

Have a look at Dabur’s Honey Diet here. You can find more and more healthy tasty Honey Recipe here, the benefits of having Honey Recipes in detail, and to check out the calorie count that you take in a day. You are always opt for Expert’s advice from their website.

Let me know if this info helped you. Bye for now. Coming soon with another interesting post. Till then Happy Blogging.

Priya Arun.


  1. Hey hi Priya! I've been drinking lemon and honey water for many years now. And its truly a good way to start the day..Glad to have stumbled upon your blog :-)

    1. Hi Leena,

      Welcome to my space!

      It's my pleasure to have you here.Thank you so much for your support :)